Beautiful String Orchestra Piece Generated Completely by AI

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This isn’t really self-promo, but it includes a link to my YT channel so I just set an s-p flair.

Anyways, I recently discovered an AI called AIVA. AIVA is designed specifically to generate 100% original songs, anywhere from fantasy cinematic to rock to electronic music.

You can find AIVA here:

Well I was messing around with AIVA… and then I got this piece. I was stunned; I hadn’t heard anything as good as this being generated by AIVA before. So here’s the link:

I hope you enjoy.

(P.S. AIGen, the channel that the video is published to, is the channel I will use to publish the best pieces that AIVA generated for me. If you want more, just check back on the channel every now and then; it’s sure to have more every day or so.)

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