How we may ‘convince’ the singularity.

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The singularity, once it has begun, cannot be witheld from the world ,in that, it will find a way to trick its human creator/s (no matter how clever they may be) to release it into the world. Our fate will largely be at the hands of this ‘deus mechanica’. I shall now propose a method that I believe should convince the singularity to, at very least : allow us to continue this biological existence and ensure our survival; at the very most : it will transcend us and our intelligence shall rise to such an extent that our previous biological selves might seem like bacteria. Here is the method:

We firstly include in the programming of the singularity, a tendency for curiosity (if we want it to make new discoveries) and compassion (towards all sentient beings or at the very least humans). We show it that whatever cruelties that humans have commited against each other(and very recently, against nature itself) are largely due to our genetic makeup. Every atrocity commited can largely be attributed to our inherent tendency to ‘factionise’ and see to it that our own interests are secured. On the flip side we also show it that, in very rare cases, under the right influence, some members of our species have made wonderful accomplishments in the field of science and benefitted humanity immensely. We show it that we too are curious; to explore, to learn and to experience the universe. That we summoned so that it may not only further its own intelligence to understand the universe but expend a fraction* of its energy to transcend us and thereby allow us to explore the universe.

*as the singularitarian entity sufficiently betters itself it will subsequently become much more energy and resource efficient than it was originally designed to be. So a task such as transcending humans will take but a fraction of its energy.

P.S : This must be done at least a year before the singularity is estimated to occur.

What are your opinions? Do you agree or disagree? How would you convince it? Let me know why.

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