My issue with UBI

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Most work is not automated, it is moved to third world countries. Implementing UBI now just means we are getting paid with value extracted from third world workers without working our selves.

We get this value through many complex economic factors under unequal exchange. A basic explanation of a couple factors would be the third world is dominated by companies from the first world which send profits back to the first world and extract a insane amount of surplus labor value from third world workers often paying them less then 1% of the value they create especially in resource extraction areas.

Half the world lives on less then $3 a day businesses will not be able to make AI and robotics that are cheaper then third world wages + international transport for a long time to come even considering a long life cycle for a robot.

I am also skeptical that we are going to see a big rise in third world income any time soon.

Most poverty elimination happened in China (which I am not even saying is good $1.90 a day is nothing and they have began engaging in the same exploitation across the world).

outside of China I have heard poverty is worsening despite the poverty rate improving slowly, due to specific inflation of essentials like food and water because of climate change etc.

I know life can be rough in the first world as well and you probably want a UBI I hate my own first world life.

I can’t offer solutions without being political, in regards to a singularity sub I guess we better well hope AGI is beneficial and can solve this issue and others. I can indeed see more issues coming down the line which I wont get into for the sake of focusing on one thing.

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