Is the personal data in phone galleries safe considering all the AI being used on it?

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This feature has been out there for quite a while now, with almost every phone of any brand, where the phone galleries have image classifiers that would learn and group images together based on objects, people, etc. What really bothers me is the OCR being used in this. For eg, if I have an image of a bill, searching the name of the store would bring that image up.

If I have a screenshot from a chat, it would show up on searching some keywords from it. I find this potentially dangerous because I may have some important screenshots and doc images, so would many people I imagine. This is also with services like google drive, one drive and others of sort.

Does anyone have any idea if this data is being used/sent anywhere? Or is it just an engine in my phone to help me organize my phone gallery? What are your thoughts or what do you know about this?

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