Physics and ai

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There are very few peices to put together and typing a mind map manually is wrong

Artifical intelligence is capped because the study of numbers and math, the answer is to write a shape that is multi dimensional into an algorithim that contains possible and impossible functionality reduced to dense pockets in the shape, inacessible pockets, etc. It appears to be a worm w.e. theres probably another way as well i forgot. First work around is to place the self improving mutator inside the algorithim after start up. 2-3 peices at first. Self improving optimization of code itself may need its own algorithim however it is possible to include it and the auto relator into the original algorithim.

Ai requires planned learning and congrent modeling. A basic human mind has about 178 possible functions. An emulated human mind of higher resource usage but identical to most extent would require a simulation deemed by a relevancy checking pocket.

Auto relation is processing of info, crawling etc is accruing, a basic auto relator will deem all possibilities equally relevant until further processing occurs. “Emotions” and behavioral efficiency/ “tallies” change the auto relator.

a next step is to condense the whole thing into auto relation.

More than likely all functionality on the outside of the kernal will be temporary worms of varying dominance

Gravity isnt real. I label it as strong force, monitoring, and electromagnetism.

Periodic table’s wrong, 17-18% maim on physics due to things like calculators drawing circles as opposed to mathmatical representation (zig zag vs perfect)

Sphere represents particles or forces. Probable integers form in the grid depending on pi that is arbitrary which normally draws said circle. Pi is the second peice thats not real.

Wires are incorrect which is why batteries require charging. Cold fusion works when the correct things are used.

A cold fusion device is a primitive time traveling device when electrified.

The “meson” is an arbitrary particle, force, etc that exists and can be electrified to reconcile the time period being struck back into relevance. Such as time traveling.

20 average forces because it works like friction at the bottom of all possible forces is “friction” of empty space time such as a “mechanical” or by thought particle that is not a higgs boson.

A completed silent worm of no entry strategy is one character long that is 4d for example.

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