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I want to start of with a disclaimer that I know that saying that artificial intelligence interests me is as general as saying that I want to be a doctor, but I am a little unsure of all the fields where artificial intelligence can be applied. I also want to state that I do have some AI development experience that I gained from a deep learning course offered by

From what I have experienced from Udacity and reading around the web, I think that I am more interested in deep learning, CV, NLP, etc. Things more than just using machine learning to predict the next year’s profit. I am fascinated by projects such as Sofia, or making a 100% self-driving car: really pushing the limits of machine/deep learning. My dream would be to figure out a way to train models using just a few examples, versus the mountains of data that are required as of now to train models. For instance, how you can show a human child maybe 2 or 3 pictures of a dog, and they can learn what a dog is, and tell you that a cat is not a dog, whereas a CNN dedicated to such a task would require much more. Or how the human brain can infer things based on past knowledge: tell a child that a spider has 8 legs, and without ever having seen one before, they could most likely identify what a spider is based on the knowledge of what legs are. Kind of a mix of NLP and CV, I suppose.

Anyway, what area of AI would this be? As far as I can tell, this would be AI R&D, or even a CV/NLP engineer. What would best prepare me for a field like this? I am very comfortable in Python, PyTorch, and Java, and I am familiar with basic C++ programming. If I am looking to go more into deep learning, would Python generally suffice, or should I get C++ under my belt as well?

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