What happens to those who serve life-sentences in prison during the singularity? Will the superintelligent AI try to help them or are they a lost cause?

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I read a scifi story called Metamorphosis of Prime Intellect, which is quite a cool story about the singularity, and it described a scenario where every single person, no matter who they were, was instantly uploaded into this virtual utopia. Is it too much of a “rapture of the nerds” to expect something like since it requires the superintelligent AI to have fine control of nanotechnology, neuroscience and many other fields, none of which are easy?

Should we expect the world to change slowly even after the singularity and the status quo to reign for centuries with commercial products slowly becoming more advanced? Or are all bets of after the singularity, and the Earth could quickly be transformed into computronium to serve the utility function of the reigning superintelligent AI/AIs?

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