[R] Will Humans Be Able to Control Superintelligent AI? New Study Says ‘No’

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Along with AI’s remarkable achievements and continuing rapid expansion into new domains comes greater concern over the ethical problems surrounding advanced AI systems. Incidents like last year’s shutdown of AI-powered Genderify and Yann LeCun’s “exit” from Twitter after heated discussions regarding Duke University’s PULSE AI photo recreation model underscore the ongoing controversies regarding biases and errors embedded in the design and deployment of AI systems. Google AI’s recent dismissal of its Ethical AI team co-lead Timnit Gebru poses a more serious question: do tech giants and large research institutions even want to find solutions?

A paper in the Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research goes a step further, warning that it could become fundamentally impossible to control a superintelligent AI (a computer program or a programmed robot that is much more intelligent than humans in almost any field). A preprint of the paper was uploaded to arXiv in 2016, and now, with the topic becoming more urgent than ever, an expanded version has been published with additional presentation details, references, and comments about alternative scenarios.

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