I’m seeing the singularity ramp up first hand in industry

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I’m a sysadmin for a big retail company. Not the biggest, but a big one, and an old one. We’re in the midst of an “IT transformation” which is business lingo for “we neglected technology for a couple of decades and now we need to catch up to the times”. That’s why I was hired; to be part of the new wave of ultra-modern tech bros.

Anyways, I’m going to be leading some of the transfer to Microsoft Azure. They had ML in the cloud years ago but it was still brand new and experimental at the time. But since MS has partnered with OpenAI, it’s clear their main goal now is to commercialize AI. MS has always been a business-first company.

So I’m getting trained up on Azure and I have to say, this platform is absolutely part of the singularity. It has tools to automate just about anything and everything, even down to robotics. Pretty soon, you’re going to get entire supply chains that are automated on Azure, including the manufacturing, warehousing, shipping, and delivery.

What’s more, you can create these automation pipelines without a line of code. They are lowering the barrier of entry to this stuff.

…Let me pause to say that I realize I must sound like a cheesy sales pitch…

I’m just a nerd who’s looking forward to the singularity and I’m just reporting from the front lines what it looks like. Using advanced AI and automation is getting easier and easier. The dark side of this is that fewer people will be needed to automate more and more. Hundreds of thousands of business jobs will be lost/moved/displaced. I don’t know if they will be replaced but I tend to agree with assessments of people like Andrew Yang – many people will become permanently unemployable.

I’m just trying to wrap my head around what I’m seeing. The biggest barrier to this stuff isn’t the tech anymore, it’s business adoption. You could literally, from scratch, create a web-native company with a bunch of AI and create a chatbot mobile app that can help you out with anything that you have sufficient data on. Medicine, law, etc. And you could do that in a few days with these new cloud platforms. IBM is doing the same thing with Watson and I’m sure Amazon and Google are too.

Anyways, just wanted to share my excitement.

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