The Apple Car Will Be a Subscription Service

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So Apple Car news has been blowing up and everyone seems to think they will just create another Tesla, which they never do and the car industry is dying, Tesla hardly makes a profit.

So the only way for Apple to be Apple in the car industry is to be radically different to the comp and have huge profit margins. It only makes sense The Apple Car is not something you could buy or own, but will be a subscription service, which also aligns with there new business model.

Check the details here, if your interested:

It does seem like everything in the future will be a subscription service, even homes, imagine Apple and Google homes, Facebook can’t be far behind, they’ll do anything to get a piece of your private life, no ownership ship or renting, just subscription fees, the future is interesting indeed. Remember the world economic forum predicts, we will own nothing by 2030 and be much happier.

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