Recruitment chatbots: Is it really worth to Invest or just hype

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Over the past three to four years, there has been a massive hype in the acceptance of chatbots, especially concerning the staffing industry. It is observed that the human resource department of many organizations is striving to ensure a better candidate experience. But then, it has also led them through challenging circumstances in discerning the right choice.

However, the chatbot’s concern if it is worth the investment or not has always been an unanswered question for many. This article will help you with the necessary insights in understanding the same.

What is a Recruitment Chatbot?

Before we could jump straight to decide on the chatbot’s worth, it would be better to analyze and understand what the recruitment chatbot is and how useful it is to the organization.

A recruitment chatbot is a software application designed to imitate human conversations during the recruiting process. Such chatbots are programmed to interpret written and spoken language and respond righteously to the same. It employs AI technology to identify the keywords, understand a person’s message, and knows how to reply.

Is Chatbot A Necessity For Recruitment?

The answer to this question may differ according to the nature and functioning of the company. However, the factors that determine the need are the tasks of the HR department. Unlike earlier, today’s business world’s human resource managers do not handle recruitment just as a selection process. But the perspective in which the tasks are looked into is much more prominent these days.

The expected responsibilities of the human resource manager include the following –

  • Creating content for job portals
  • Continually updating the recruitment strategies
  • Develop strategies to meet business goals
  • Ascertain competitors moves
  • Setting realistic and challenging standards and benchmarks
  • Understanding and working towards employee engagement and satisfaction
  • Regular follow-ups

The above mentioned may seem much easier said than done. Therefore, human resource managers look at chatbots as a high level of technology that has the capability of drastically improvising their hiring process and its efficiency. Research reveals that chatbots are able to automate recruiting activities up to 80%, and the accuracy is unmatchable.

What Are The Benefits And Importance Of Chatbot?

While many organizations haven’t tried using a chatbot, a survey shows that 21.17% of candidates are extremely happy, and 36.9% of candidates are fairly comfortable using the chatbot for recruitment. To sum up, more than 50%of candidates are ready to use the chatbots.

But then, why and what are the driving factors for this choice? Let us consider a few pointers as answers to understand the need for chatbots and the benefits provided by the recruitment chatbots-

Chatbots Provide A Comfortable Means Of Communication To The Candidates

As discussed earlier, more than 20% of candidates are very comfortable using chatbots as a means of communication. It is because of its instant and precise reply. Added to this, the chatbots are enabled to convey the messages anytime and anywhere, irrelevant of the candidate’s location.

This has contributed to the comfortability of the candidate to an unexpected level, along with the ease of worries and nervousness to face the human resource manager.

Recruiters Can Save A Lot Of Time With The Help Of Chatbots.

The chatbots have paved the way in providing ample time to focus on other aspects and the bottom line of the business. The use of chatbot allows the HR manager to save a lot of time involved in recruitment and utilize it to develop strategies related to employee engagement, satisfaction, and its alignment with the company’s goals.

Improvises And Enhances The Candidate Experience

In continuation with the point discussed earlier, the comfortability of the candidate using chatbots, the overall experience of the candidate is enhanced. Along with it, since most of today’s candidates are millennials, vast utilization of technological tools is one of their demands. Once they come to know that the company they will be working for is well updated with technical means, it works as a booster for many.

Non-Fatigue And Results In Higher Productivity

The most influential aspect of the use of chatbots is the lack of fatigue in it. Imagine an HR manager continuously working. It’s evident that as humans, to be tired or exhausted. This might result in low productivity, or even if he/ she is made to work, the quality of work cannot be assured.

On the other hand, imagine you are to deal with the most annoying candidate. It’s quite challenging to have your patience level in control. But in case if you lose your patience, then you might lose the candidate too. This might also have a negative impact on the company.

Whereas, using the chatbot in both the circumstances mentioned above, the worry is drastically reduced. Because the machines neither get tired nor get annoyed, resulting in a high level of productivity, despite the situation around.

What Are The Drawbacks Of Recruitment Chatbots?

Just as we know, the coin has two sides, so are the advantages and disadvantages of using a chatbot for recruitment. The comparison may sound very simple, no doubt. So is the understanding of the pros and cons of chatbots where neither are inevitable. Let’s try to understand some drawbacks.

1.   No Standardization When Candidates Text

As we know, chatbots communicate by identifying the keywords in the candidate’s message. However, there are certain circumstances that need instant decisions. But the machines do not have the capacity to make decisions. This may lead to the loss of the conversation track from the candidate’s point of view and may result in the risk of losing a talented employee.

2.   No Human Touch

One of the biggest limitations is the lack of human connection with the use of a chatbot. Although there is an instant reply, it may not be convincing and as effective as communicating with humans face to face. This is because of the lack of emotions and feelings in the machine. And due to this, it becomes quite difficult to connect with the candidates and develop a professional relationship.

3.   Unpredictable Candidate Reaction

In continuation of the aspect of being emotionally connected, it is essential to understand how the candidate responds to the situation. We all have witnessed at some point, the managers make an effort to convince the candidate and certain negotiations that take place.

But then, it is not possible with the chatbot, as it cannot identify the candidate’s approach other than the keywords that are programmed.

So, Is The Recruitment Chatbot Worth To Invest Or Is It Just A Hype?

Now, coming to the focus of the topic, we have already seen the advantages as well as its disadvantages. The needs and preferences of the organizations aren’t the same. And depending on the goals and nature of the company, there is a need to develop a strategy.

  • One factor to consider is that technology has become a necessity for survival. If your organization isn’t updated with the latest technology, then it will definitely pose a question on your business’s existence.
  • Consider the size of your organization. Because preferably, small organizations can focus more on their growth than to invest in something that’s too expensive for them.

On the whole, using a chatbot is indeed worth it and will definitely add value to your organization. But then, only when the practice of using and implementing the recruitment process through chatbot will it impact positively. The way you use it also matters. However, it’s also important to specify that tech experts are already aiming to design perfect assistance for the recruiters and try to solve the issues and limitations.

Therefore, the organizations need to be prepared for the future because, regardless of whether they want it or not, the chatbot is about to bring the fourth industrial revolution.


Employee or candidate experience should always be the preference when framing the strategies for recruitment and its processes. But it is also vital to realize the fact that this positive experience that the HR managers look for can never be fully automated. The need is that the companies discern on this and identify the silver line between the manual work with the human touch and the automation of the tasks.

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