How to Automatically Generate Content at Scale

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This may sound weird in a blog post about generating content, but I hate writing. Always have. The ambiguity of word choice and the contradictory rules around grammar, it’s enough to turn left-brain thinkers off to the whole process. 

Math and science were more my speed. 3 + 2 = 5 (always). With math and science, there are hard and fast formulas that are always true. Stands to reason then, that I’d go into a profession where 85% of my job is writing, often for clients, on topics I’m generally clueless on. 

It wasn’t until I realized the burden I was on my coworkers that I got serious about learning to write. So I started reading everything I could—blog posts, press releases, ebooks, articles. Not just about how to write, but dissecting the content to figure out what constitutes good writing.

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