Computational Capacity of the Human Brain

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Hello, everyone.

As we all know, knowing the capacity of the Human Brain is important for the development of AGI, ASI and the Singularity.

I have seen three estimates of the Computational Capacity of the Human Brain: 100 teraFLOPS, 1-20 petaFLOPS, and finally, 1 exaFLOP (1,000 petaFLOPS). Which do you think is the correct one? I have read that the Brain generates 5 teraFLOPS per watt, which coincides with 100 teraFLOPS, as the brain operates with 20 watts, and 5 teraFLOPS per watt yields 100 teraFLOPS at 20 watts.

If its anywhere between 100 teraFLOPS to 1 petaFLOP, we can say that we have arrived the cusp of AGI, and soon will be heading towards the ASI, where our World changes irreversibly by 2030.

All FLOP units are per second.

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