How do you expect to see gaming evolve over the next 5, 10, 20, and 30 years respectively?

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I don’t just meant in regards to Virtual/Augmented Reality and total immersion. I mean more specific concepts as well, such as AI behavior, Character Creation, Face Uploading, procedural generation, destructible environments, social dynamics (romance, followers, Nemesis systems), Games As Platforms For Various IP Content and Varied Experiences (ala The Oasis in Ready Player One), Player Impact on the Game Worlds, Player Tailored Experiences and Mechanics, AI Dungeon Masters, etc? How might it change different genres? How might censorship look in time? How might AI influence game development; will any Joe Shmoe be able to create a AAA level game in a few years by simply talking to their computer?

Now that we have VR, I haven’t seen a whole lot of ideas or demand for what comes next. Would be interesting to hear what this community thinks. Seems like we are long overdue for a big leap in gaming.

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