Artificial Intelligence and Education

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AI and Education:

With the forced digitalization of education due to COVID-19, the permanent transition from traditional education to technology and artificial intelligence dependent education is more prominent than ever. Education is a crucial foundation in the development of an individual’s lifelong character, and thus flaws in the education system should not be overlooked.

At the elementary and secondary levels of education, teachers are tasked with the impossible job of effectively educating 20+ students per class, all the while maintaining an appropriate social setting for behavioral development. With every given student having different preferred learning methods and speeds of comprehension, a significant fraction of students will have holes in their understanding in each course. These holes only grow over time, getting bigger and harder to fill as students progress through the education system. This systematic flaw can be addressed with artificial intelligence. Using personalized content delivery and formative testing, AI is capable of catering course content to each individual student. With this difficult task under control, teachers will be better equipped to focus on providing the social element of school.

At the higher education level, technology has already begun to democratize information, meaning universities are no longer the gatekeepers of knowledge that they once were. Quality of education at universities has not increased significantly as technology has improved, all the while tuition has increased ~500% in America since 1985. As the value and cost of university diverges, digital programs with artificial intelligence implementation emerge as suitable replacements. Automated assignment grading, remote monitoring, and AI agent chat bots are some examples of valuable tools that artificial intelligence can offer to leverage digital education. The implementation of these AI tools with digital courses will result in an education that can be provided smoothly across the world at a significantly lower cost than current higher education.

As society changes drastically every decade, schools have remained nearly untouched. It is time to consider how we should apply technology to improve how learning takes place. Education is one of the most important things in the world, and it needs to be treated as such.

Note: I’d appreciate thoughts and opinions on this topic, it’s my first writing on my new page that I intend on posting about AI topics and news weekly.

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