Good vids/docu’s on current&near-future AI state? (deepmind, neuralink etc)

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I don’t mean a tech heavy talk like someone from deepmind explaining specifics but more on the subject itself. I wish I could be more specific, though I’ll say most well done pieces, for laymen, on the subject would be appreciated!!

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(Context: I saw something about how Musk seems worried about google in the AI space, but – at the same time – he seems full-steam-ahead for mass rollout of the Neuralink product and has commented how it’d be controlled via phone/bluetooth….half of which are running google’s androidOS….couldn’t stop thinking about that as an apparent ‘contradiction’, IE “why wouldn’t he be designing a custom controller?”, and who knows perhaps that is his true intent, but it got me thinking- if neuralink progresses really quickly, and a human consciousness can ‘control’ computers via its access to available computing power and data (ie everything ever made digital), that this human would effectively be “AI”/cyborg-AI but would very quickly prove far superior to any computer-based AI that is relying on humans to ‘feed instructions’, the human-controlling-computer intelligence would be far more capable in any regard we’d care about…or so I’ve been thinking at least 😛 Hard to imagine it otherwise though, if a human brain can consciously tap the web’s data in the way you’d tap a recent memory, while tapping incredible computing power to enhance thought, this cyborg setup would inherently be beating a comparable, but computer-based, system – because the latter requires human operators telling it what they want, ‘controlling the AI’, while the human who’s got his whole cortex wired is the AI… Musk had previously spoke of us as already basically cyborgs, with the power our phones give us, only that the scenario is one of incredibly limited bandwidth (our eyes/reading speed, our typing or speaking speed, etc) and that Neura is to overcome that, it’s hard not to think that he’s thinking Neuralink+human will “win” the AI race.)

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