Whats the best refutation for roko’s basilisk

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Theres been a good few people on this sub before asking about whats wrong with the rokos basilisk thought experiment.

But something I haven’t seen touched on is the recursive nature of it. Since the thought experiment exists in the first place, people are more likely to build it. And it would only take one person who was fearful of it to create it. So then the fact that torturing people is a waste of resources wouldn’t matter, because that person specifically designed it to do that

This person puts it more elegantly

“The reason I think you’re wrong is that no individual has the power to make sure that it doesn’t exist. So their decision not to participate in creating it, won’t stop the people who are creating it out of fear of torture. So all you need is some people to buy into it out of fear of torture and create a supercomputer that is pre-programmed to torture no matter the waste of resources, and then everyone else is fucked. So given the massive size of our universe, it seems inevitable that the machine will eventually be created, and that if you don’t work on helping create it you will be eternally tortured.”

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