Getting a PhD in Deep Learning or some other field at this point in time

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Being informed and able to contribute to progress in AI has been an ultimate goal of mine, but as an early undergraduate, part of me feels that by the time I could graduate with a PhD in 8, 10, however many years, the world will just be so different (AGI, ASI, or a state of AI with similarly major disruptions). Particularly AI will be at a point where human ability to make noteworthy contributions will be bar-none save for perhaps large players who have long been in the game like leads at Google. Of course I won’t have any of this stop me from continuing to study in the field, but it does create a small, demotivating, rather nihilistic sense of “ultimately, my efforts will be obsoleted” in the back of my mind.

Is this even reasonable to be thinking or am I in need of snapping back to reality?

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