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I am planning to do an EPQ (5000 word essay) on AI, more specifically deep fake. Originally I wanted to talk about the ethics of replacing a human with a machine in a factory, however I can’t do this is I study computer science a level and anything I study as an a level must not be in my EPQ, else I risk both failing my Computer Science a level and my EPQ. I have spoken to my teachers and they have confirmed that we do not study deep fake at a level so I decided this was the best route to go down. However I am unsure as to what I could talk about, deep fake has been prominent in the news recently particularly with the queens speech. I was thinking I could maybe talk about how accurate deep fake could become? could it become dangerously accurate? the whole point of an EPQ is to be analytical, so I can’t just talk about how deep fake works, I need to analyse something. The ethical implications of it? Will it become so accurate we can’t tell a deep fake from a real video? Any help would be greatly appreciated 🙂

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