How close are we, really, to Human Level AI?

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Human Level Artificial Intelligence is our first stop, before uploading ourselves and expanding into the Cosmos, at large, and achieving things we dream of.

However, there seems to be some ambiguity among the masses, about this. Suppose we need 100 teraflops of Computing power to generate a Human Level artificial intelligence, at the cost of $ 1,000. We currently have the around 12-15 teraflops worth power in the Nvidia RTX 2080, as of now. Would a 100 teraflops worth computing machine, with similar energy requirements as the RTX.2080 satisfy the condition for Human Level AI? If yes, do we achieve Human Level AI, with a sufficiently powerful software for the machine learning process of the 100 teraflop machine, costing around $ 1-4k? If so, we could see this in a few years, within this decade, without any doubt. Or are there any other prerequisites?

Once that’s done, would we see the acceleration to ASI begin instantly? And how many years do you think that would take, reach ASI (Artificial Superintelligence)?

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