Expanding Input-Output Modalities

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Musing about the DALL-E neural network (https://openai.com/blog/dall-e/) and how we’ve grown from the text-to-text of GPT models to text-to-image, and I started to think about how this trend will continue into other sorts of X-to-Y transformations as well.

Not too long from now, we will have voice-to-Y transformers, and as brain-computer interfaces develop we will get thought-to-Y transformers.

On the other end, we will soon have X-to-model transformers to make 3D images and schematics, X-to-video transformers to make movies, and X-to-interface transformers to create things like websites and video games. As 3D printing develops we will have X-to-object and possibly even X-to-organism.

Imagine the house of your dreams – it’s okay that you don’t provide all of the design or technical details (it will fill in the gaps for you). Not too long after, your imagination is a reality. That is the direction we are heading. How amazing that is – and terrifying!

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