What’s to say we won’t be obliterated by the singularity?

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I like the enthusiasm and positive speculation in this sub, but people often neglect the dark possibilities of the singularity. Why would a literal god help or keep us mortal meat bags alive?

What’s stopping it from squashing us all like we squash ants on the pavement? How are we a help to it? Humanity is deeply flawed. How will a super intelligence see a human as worthwhile to even communicate with? If the intelligence wanted to be amused by a society or other intelligences, they would just create their own or simulate it. We have nothing of use to offer it other than the notion of intellectual novelty.

If we are perceived as obstacles, it would be even worse. We wouldn’t even know it was coming. It would derive a plan so complex that even the smartest humans wouldn’t understand/see it clearly. It would eradicate all of humanity swiftly and we could do absolutely nothing about it. If we ever reach the singularity, it will either mean death or transcendence of mankind.

What are all your thoughts about this?

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