Special Focus: How AI is automating writing jobs

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This week’s issue focuses solely on the state of the art of AI-generated writing — and how it’s automating writing jobs.

Here’s the intro to the in-depth piece — along with a link to the full story by Joe Dysart:

Amidst the hoopla of all things artificial intelligence, writers are increasingly wrestling with a hard truth: It appears robots are coming for their jobs.

Little more than a plaything of researchers a decade ago, AI and automated robots in 2021 are now regularly churning-out countless news articles, business reports, opinion pieces, sports stories, ad slogans, newsletters, press releases – and more – on a daily basis.

According to highly respected research organization Gartner, all of this AI and related technology will automate production of 30% of all content found on the Worldwide Web by 2022.

Observes Mayur Bhatt, marketing head, SEO Services Guru: “It is only a matter of time before algorithms are able to write articles on any topic and for any target group.”

It’s no wonder writers across the globe are fretting: When do these writing machines show-up at my workplace?

Evangelists of writing driven by AI insist the robots are simply here ‘to serve humanity.’

Robots will do the drudgery work, they say.

Writers will be freed-up to engage in more interesting, more in-depth and more creative work.

Says Lisa Gibbs, news partnerships director, The Associated Press, one of the earliest pioneers of AI-generated news-writing: “The work of journalism is creative.

“It’s about curiosity, it’s about storytelling, it’s about digging and holding governments accountable.

“It’s critical thinking, it’s judgment — and that is where we want our journalists spending their energy.”


But for the many writers and editors who have already lost their jobs to AI, that idyllic future is a tough sell.


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Joe Dysart is editor of RobotWritersAI.com and a tech journalist with 20+ years experience. His work has appeared in 150+ publications, including The New York Times and the Financial Times of London.

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