A Message from the Last Universe?

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I wanted to mention a little idea that I had recently. I’m sure someone else has written a book with this as a sci-fi plot or something that I haven’t heard about, but I really wanted to mention it. At this point, we don’t know where we came from in the sense of what came before the big bang. Everything past that we can give varying levels of speculation to, but before that is where theories just start to lose their meaning in a sense. Of course, we can say that some things make more sense than others like for example the idea of our universe being the result of matter sucked into another universe’s black hole or that we are part of a simulation as a result of probability. These seem more likely than someone in another universe sneezing bringing another universe into existence.

There is also the idea of a God creating our universe for His purpose. Or the ability to generalize God as whatever creator made us, whether the theological version or the version of the simulator.

What I was thinking about though goes back to an idea I heard from Michio Kaku. I remember hearing him say that it seemed like it might be possible to create a universe by creating a high enough energy particle impact. This implied that intelligent beings in another universe could make universes either out of desperation or a variety of less drastic reasons.

Here’s what I think is interesting about that. We all know that a superintelligent computronium civilization seems like it will be the endgame for any intelligent life that lasts long enough just because intelligence = power = ability to make a change. The interesting thing to me is if we assume that another entity did this out of desperation of a dying universe, and that there wasn’t a way for them to enter into our universe because of how universe formations happen, then are we forever in doubt of proof that we came into being from something else?

My basic premises are this (I’m not pretending like there aren’t a lot of assumptions at play here). If it is possible to create universes deliberately (the first big assumption, we have no idea), then that is a possibility for how we came to be. If it is possible to create universes, entities (just in general, not all of them necessarily) likely would at some point. If it was possible to change the properties of the universe (not in fine detail like coding, but to some extent) there probably would be some modifications made. If it was possible to modify the way a universe was made, then it is possible that a message could be sent to those in the newly formed universe.

That is my basic idea. It’s possible that some super-intelligent entities created this universe from their own universe and that there are messages in it that could only reasonably be inferred by other super-intelligences. Say it was possible the make the ratio of matter, the laws of physics, any physical property/law when creating a universe that would be almost indelible proof to a sufficiently intelligent being that this was created. My point is that there is no way for us to know what those are. It’s pretty unlikely that they could go to the level of making words written at some subatomic level we can’t see yet or for something easily interpreted for humans to be understood simply due to a lack of fine control in making a universe. But if entities wanted to make a new universe, I don’t see why they wouldn’t provide some evidence that it was formed for future entities unless they just couldn’t. And there, I see it being possible that we could find a real sign of where we came from. Just a little weird sci-fi rant.

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