Pandemic blues: Motivation to hasten the development towards Singularity and Mind Uploading?

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As we all know, the Covid-19 Pandemic has wrecked havoc across the World. This has exposed the fragility and sensitivity of our Biological meat bodies and economies built around it.

We need Singularity and Mind Uploading to become possible within the next 10-15 years, 20 at the pessimistic end, to effectively rise from this shambles and avoid any possibility of a future catastrophe. Automation helps on one side. But the Post ASI possibility of Mind Uploading will change everything, immediately, to the best.

Will societies and governments realise this, once the pandemic ends and do what they should, to help this happen? Or would the motivated AI/AGI Scientists put forth extra effort and funding, to get this done, with newfound zeal post pandemic?

The steps are in the series of AGI to ASI to Singularity (or the Infinity point). Getting to the AGI is the hardest step. Getting from the AGI to ASI isn’t very difficult, though a lot easier compared to the creation of the AGI. Getting from ASI to the Singularity (Infinity point) is a quite easy thing.

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