Singularity Predictions 2021

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Welcome to the 5th annual Singularity Predictions at r/Singularity.

It’s been an extremely eventful year. Despite the coronavirus affecting the entire planet, we have still seen interesting progress in robotics, AI, nanotech, medicine, and more. Will COVID impact your predictions? Will GPT-3? Will MuZero? It’s time again to make our predictions for all to see…

If you participated in the previous threads (’20, ’19, ‘18, ‘17) update your views here on which year we’ll develop 1) AGI, 2) ASI, and 3) ultimately, when the Singularity will take place. Explain your reasons! Bonus points to those who do some research and dig into their reasoning. If you’re new here, welcome! Feel free to join in on the speculation.

Happy New Year and Cheers to the rest of the 2020s! May we all prosper.

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