Hardware platform for AI ? (robots, etc)

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Hi ! I’m having fun learning AI and stuff but it’s all in the computer (self playing game, simulated car, …) and… meh.

i want real world I/O. lasers and robot and stuff ! (yes i’m a grown up adult, at least in the biological sense of it).

Any suggestion, advices, for an hardware platform with the following spec ?

  • Can be anything (robot arm, rc car, whatever) as long as it can be used indoor (aka : not a plane)
  • partially/fully self contained (it’s ok if it require usb, wifi, or even a power plug. it depend what the device is)
  • “some assembly required” is ok. but i don’t want to do electronics (well, i can change/plug a servomotor if needed, but i don’t want to touch a pcb or a soldering iron)
  • should i include a cheap 3D printer in my budget in case i need to fix/build stuff for it ?
  • i’m not sure about the budget. around 2000€ i guess ? preferably less, of course. (but not a useless dirt cheap toy)
  • The “computing part” is probably a large part of the budget. I’m not sure if it should have something like a NVidia Jetson, or a full x86_64 computer. Or (if it’s something like an immobile robot arm) just a usb plug with all the computing done on a desktop computer / server.
  • My preference goes to embedded computing and fully self contained platform. That’s why i’m asking here instead of a robotic subreddit, it need the hardware and computing power to do the AI training/inference.

Some additional info :

  • Must be reasonably safe of course. (if it’s a robot arm, i don’t want it to be able to crush everything around it including myself)
  • No pet, no kids, won’t be used unattended, won’t be used in public area.
  • i don’t mind doing embedded programming unrelated to AI. But no VHDL/Verilog. (i tried… many times !)

i’m probably missing some specification, feel free to tell, i’ll complete it as precisely as possible.

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