There is huge capital support for fusion power plant development, but why is AGI still considered science fiction?

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In Cadarache in southern France, major science bureaus such as Europe, the United States, Japan, China, Russia, Korea, and India are working together on the ITER project to commercialize fusion power. It is a mega project with a total project cost of over 10 billion dollars.

When I first knew Isasil, I remembered the article I had seen before.

Why is there no mega project for AGI development?

“Because there is no scientific evidence that AGI is possible.”

Yes. This is reasoning.

The human brain is ultimately driven by the laws of physics and is not magic, but an accumulation of evolution. As long as the advancement of our technology does not stop, it will inevitably be reached someday.

However, there is no scientific evidence for all future technologies that have not been achieved.

This is not only the case with AGI, but also fusion power.

Despite the absence of scientific evidence of fusion, political makers have accepted it as possible, and scientists around the world today flock to France with massive subsidies.

Even the ITER project started in 1988, a whopping thirty years ago, but AGI won’t be able to get consent from even today’s leaders.

The expected commercialization period of fusion power is in 2050, which is hard to say that it is closer than AGI.

Even the vision of clean energy for the environment is insignificant compared to the benefits of AGI. (AGI is the solution to all problems, so it also brings nuclear fusion power.)

Why is the investment in the two dream technologies so different?

Why aren’t world leaders taking AGI as a realistic science?

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