The world is currently split between the technologically proficient and those who are not, and the tech proficient rule over the latter. Soon the world will be split between the tech *augmented* and those who are not. The former will rule.

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Naturalists will indeed be a thing, and they will certainly espouse the ‘benefits of living a natural lifestyle, free from implants and modifications’. But those people will merely be cattle, who live at the whim of the augmented.

If this sounds dystopian and absurd, consider that it has already happened: I don’t care if you try to go off the grid and live in solitude in Wyoming – Your entire life is subsidized and affected by the Titans of tech and capitalism. There’s no escaping it.

A person with a smart phone and an understanding of cryptocurrency can upend your entire existence by leveraging their knowledge to purchase land around you and shape it to whatever form they want. They literally hold the reigns of society.

Soon that power will belong to those who augment their own intelligence and connectivity. Within 100 years, to communicate by making sounds with your mouth will seem as antiquated and retro as sending a snail mail letter.

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