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I just recently had a death in my family which now has me questioning everything the last few days and how important living a long healthy life really is.

I obviously knew death was the final outcome but tbh I never really thought about it much until recently. After all, the chance that nothingness could be an option for entirety is a pretty weird thing to think about.


That has landed me here and researching different stacks and everything. Just looking for some general advice on supplement stacks or blood work people have gotten in the past to monitor their health as they move along in life.

Also reading theories about the longevity escape velocity are pretty interesting. Seems so odd to think one day there could be a generation of humans that may reach that point and every human has the potential to live forever or at least some advancement that extends life span by a lot. Every human until that point being the last to die from old age related disease. How real is that technology?

Anyways from what I’ve read things that help living longer and healthier seem to be:

– Intermittent Fasting

– Consistent sleep schedule – no more than 8-9 hrs

– Eliminate most if not all sugars. Be on a mainly plant based diet, some meat is okay the odd time

– Blue light glasses

– Exposure to cold and heat, so possibly sauna’s and cold showers or ice baths

– Working out or being active for at least 30 mins a day

– Meditation to help eliminate stress

– Working towards a purpose

If anyone has some good podcast recommendations or general advice I’d love to hear it.


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