Would you consider the following AGI?

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As a bit of background DeepMind recently made a AI which can learn to play multiple games without knowing the rules to said games (it has too learn the rules as well).

So this is what I was thinking could be made which I thought may classify as AGI.

You get a Roomba like device Roomba – Wikipedia without any of the programing or narrow AI in it.

DeepMind installs a AI into the Roomba which can play multiple games without knowing the rules and they give it the perceived game of “vacuum clean an enclosed room with objects in it” or something akin to that.

This test is basic but different from video games and it must learn in real time. You could compare this AI Roomba against pre programed narrow AI Roomba’s (which are good enough that humans use them) by measuring missed areas in the room via dust on the carpet and the time it takes to clean the room.

If this AI can now play video games and clean rooms well, would it count as AGI?

I say this as cleaning a room is a separate domain to playing video games however it is of course using the video game playing AI to clean the room.

PS I don’t know if deep mind can do something like this now but if they can’t they could probably do it soon. I am not making the judgement that they can do it now in this post.

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