Mind Uploading

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If I were to have my mind uploaded, either through copy-and-upload or gradual replacement of neurons with robotic ones, would it actually still be me or would it just be a copy that thinks it’s me? Would my stream of consciousness have ended whilst a clone is allowed to keep living, or would my current consciousness actually transfer into the computer?

No philosophical drivel, please. I’m not asking this as a thought experiment, I’m asking it from a literal perspective. I’m confused as to what mind uploading actually is. Is it just a different entity with a copy of my mind, or would I, as in the current me, actually wake up inside the computer?

I’m not trying to establish if the copy would believe it’s me or not. I’m trying to establish if a copy would even be made in the first place. If it’s just a copy, then it isn’t really you living forever. It’s just a different instance of your consciousness experiencing life from its own perspective.

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