If the difference in performance between AlphaGo and MuZero is defined as ‘1MA’, what kind of AI can you expect for 3MA?

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In 2016, AlphaGo beat Se-dol Lee, and MuZero was first released in 2019.

I was able to see the difference in performance from AlphaGo by reading DeepMind’s blog about MuZero.

In 2029 there will be AIs that have gone through three MA

What can this AI do?


I know this is a very difficult question.

1, 7, 28, 94, 632 …?

What’s the next number? It is similar to asking. It is impossible to grasp the mathematical causal relationship, but a certain range of numbers will come to mind based on your common sense and intuition as to which number will be estimated. I’m interested in your intuitive predictions.

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