[N] ‘The Debate of the Next Decade’ – AI Debate 2 Explores AGI and AI Ethics

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For the second year in a row, Gary Marcus, CEO and founder of Robust.AI and New York University Professor Emeritus, went live on the AI Debate series hosted by Montréal.AI. This time it was not to spar with Turing Award winner Yoshua Bengio, but to moderate three panel discussions on how to move AI forward.

“Last year, in the first annual December AI Debate, Yoshua Bengio and I discussed — what I think is one of the key debates in the last decade — are big data and deep learning alone enough to get to artificial general intelligence (AGI)?” said Marcus as he launched what he termed “the debate of next decade — how can we take AI to the next level?”

This year’s “AI Debate 2 – Moving AI Forward: An Interdisciplinary Approach” was held again on the day before Christmas Eve and featured 16 panellists — from leading AI researchers and practitioners to psychology professors, neuroscientists, and researchers on ethical AI. The four-hour event included three panel discussions: Architecture and Challenges, Insights from Neuroscience and Psychology, and Towards AI We Can Trust.

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