The University of Notre Dame and Facebook AI Research Propose “Img2pose”, A Real-Time 6DoF 3D Face Pose Estimation Without Face Detection Or Landmark Localization

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A new study by Facebook AI and the University of Notre Dame research team has proposed a novel real-time six DoF (Degrees of Freedom) 3D face pose estimation technique, named Img2pose, that works without face detection or landmark localization.

6 DoF means the freedom of movement of a body in 3D space in six different ways. Other than yaw, pitch and roll rotational motion that is already there in 3 DoF, 6 DoF face pose estimation adds front/back, up/down, and left/right variables. The proposed technique can directly estimate the 6DoF 3D face pose for all faces, even in very crowded images, without the face detection step.




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