Learn a new skill during the holiday break and change your life forever! It’s the best gift you can give your future self. A Complete “Zero-to-Hero” Machine Learning Guide. (100% Free resources)

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It’s the best gift you can give your future self. I promise you it is easier than you think! Instead of pressing the “Keep watching” button on your daily Netflix shows, do half an hour to an hour of dedicated time to learn, and it will come much faster than you ever thought!

You always wanted to learn artificial intelligence or simply improve your current AI skills but didn’t know where to start? I made a complete guide you can follow from no background at all. All the resources listed in the guide are free and in order of difficulty. There’s everything: maths, coding, videos, articles, books, courses, communities you can join, etc. all for free! Internet is an amazing place you need to take advantage of.

The complete guide on Medium: https://medium.com/towards-artificial-intelligence/start-machine-learning-in-2020-become-an-expert-from-nothing-for-free-f31587630cf7

The full list of resources on GitHub: https://github.com/louisfb01/start-machine-learning-in-2020

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