How incomprehensible would a post singularity world appear to the average person?

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If technological development make the world appear dazzling, surreal and bizarre how would this affect the psychological of the minds if ordinary people? For exemple if it was to take a time machine and go to the year 3020 I would probably not understand anything around me and genetic engineering and programmable matter would also contribute to this…

I also believe that the world would appear as running and changing in fast motion and time would appear to be running very fast. For exemple if a skyscraper and other infrastructure that now take years to be built in the far future could be done in a few days. And new products and technologies that are release every years and take a time to become popular could become obsolete in few weeks and replaced by new ones. The world would look very strange. Programmable matter could change the design of anything and even create VR very fast.

New materials with properties that dont exist( like metamaterials) would also make the future world very bizarre.


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