Curing aging BEFORE the singularity would significantly decrease the existential risk of a singularity or a malevolent AI.

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I just had a crazy realization. The reason so many people want the singularity to happen is because of the prospects of curing human disease and ending mortality, cause what a massive bummer if humans figure out how to cure death right after I die, and maybe we don’t need to be over-the-top cautious with AI development, because we should take that chance.. right? A lot of researchers and people like Kurzweil also want the singularity to happen as quickly as possible because they want to see all of it happen in their lifetime, and they will sometimes dismiss the possibility of things going horribly wrong. Even I admit that I want to YOLO a singularity simply because I want to see all of the future technologies in my lifetime, even if it means taking a risk getting there. However, if aging were to be put under medical control before the singularity, then who the hell would want to take the risk of potentially cutting their million year lifespan short? If aging were to be cured, using purely biological means, then we would be guaranteed to experience the singularity in our lifetime (even if it was delayed to 200 years from now), and there would be less people frantically and haphazardly trying to create AGI to see it in their lifetime, and instead more people focusing on AI safety and making this process go cautiously and slowly.

What do you all think?

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