The final product and the natural death of consumerism

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Due to the never ending competition that exists between tech and hardware companies, it’s safe to assume that 3D printers will only get better and better as the years go by. And indeed, they are. So what would a 3D printer spawned by the singularity be like? You might imagine that it would be the star trek replicator. It would probably be very similar, requiring only that some matter be put in, which it would then arrange into whatever you specified.

Since we know that the singularity is coming at some point, we also know that this kind of technology will appear eventually. And that’s pretty much the end of most of the companies on earth. We don’t need the product you’re selling, my replicator makes it just fine, thanks. You dump in whatever, and it rearranges the molecules to be the new thing you wanted. Food, clothes, tools, anything.

Has anyone else thought about how this technology will affect the earth, and what changes will come of it? Even the proponents of capitalism will tell you that it was always about the march of progress. You start your company or service, and your job is to do it better than the other guy. So that people want to come to you instead of the other guy. This is how your business grows and grows, and you eventually become huge one day. So naturally, there was always an end point, the final product. Capitalism marched and developed products for 1000’s of years, and now here is the result at last. You no longer need to go to someone and make an exchange to get what you need. It’s made right here at your house.

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