Nanoteching your body

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Hello guys,

Does anyone over here ever heard of nanochipping your body??

Couple of months a go i had a knie surgery. The knee surgery didnt go very wel.. After the sugery i recovered very wel.. After a couple of monts i started to feel very strang.

They got me chipped with nanotech who can control my muscles. They can vibrate every muscle in my body every moment they want. They vibration are coupled to your braines….. they can influence and mislead your brain activity??? Im no professor. Thats my experience.

They can even explode emotions. So if you are getting scared you can get max scared if you are emotional you can get max emotional. They can navigate your your brain acitivity. Probally the scariest thing you ever read. Getting your brains controlled by nanotech. Does anyone of you ever heard about this???

Nanoteching your body. Is there any docter or expert who can support me to do more research about the way they chipped me. I never gave the permission to nanotech me.

Its probally a military project, i dont know why they picked me. But if you ever heard about this kind of chipping? Let me know for further research.

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