AI Santa Claus apps and a voice synth Santa model to play with for the holidays

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These might be fun to play with for your kids / friends / family… although, it also shows this is still a ways out from AI taking over:

  1. (AI Foundation) > this one has apps on the app store for Apple/Android for $1 donating to St. Jude Children’s Hospital. This is pretty realistic talking to Santa in a free flow conversation, very cool concept.
  2. (StoryFile) > a web app you have to create an account for free in partnership with the American Heart Association. You have to click/hold to talk and then he reloads, so not that seamless – but still cool for kids.
  3. (Synthesia) > uses their voice synth technology to create a Jib Jab like experience you can share with people for free after giving your info.*

*I tried this and apparently it did not fit their content guidelines… so I think you have to keep it G rated as mine was PG (I said poop instead of coal in my message).

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