AI News Weekly – Issue #192: Focus on AI in the enterprise, adoption and key use cases for 2021 – Dec 17th 2020

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In the News

Embracing the new normal; 2021 tech predictions from Jamf CEO

2020 taught us to embrace change and proved that technology will play a defining role in the productivity and satisfaction of employees, students and healthcare patients. So what’s in store for 2021? Let’s find out.

2021 will obviously be hugely impacted by the events of 2020 and in my opinion, that’s a good thing. We’ve learned what we’re capable of and the role technology can play in keeping us connected yet protected.


How To Empower a Remote Workforce Series:

In today’s climate, more organizations than ever before are examining their remote employee and work-from-home policies — be it for health, employee retention or employee productivity reasons.

In The News

Main 2020 Developments and Key 2021 Trends in AI, Data Science, Machine Learning Technology

Our panel of leading experts reviews 2020 main developments and examines the key trends in AI, Data Science, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning Technology.

The Essential Landscape of Enterprise AI Companies (2020)

To help you identify the best tools for your business, we’ve shortlisted the most promising companies based on research papers, case studies, and industry reviews.

10 future trends and how CIOs can keep ahead in 2021

As the COVID-19 pandemic has unfolded, CIOs have faced epic challenges unlike any they’ve previously weathered. For many business leaders, recovery isn’t just a return to their former state but a top-to-bottom rethinking of what business they need to be in and how their business must be run.

Applied use cases

10 top Artificial Intelligence (AI) trends in 2021

For several reasons, the pandemic only sped up the adoption of AI in the enterprise.
Here’s what to watch in the year ahead with regard to AI talent, tools, and ethics, and other key issues.

37% of Artificial Intelligence Technologies are Adopted by High Tech Industry

Analytics Insight published a survey “The Global Artificial Intelligence Trends 2020” to understand the global adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI) amongst enterprises and recognize the business perceptions of AI across sectors.

From Restaurant Rescue To Making Big Tech Face AI Bias: 30 Under 30 In Enterprise Tech

By the time Christopher John Rogers won the prestigious CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund award in November, the 26-year-old Baton Rouge native had already dressed Michelle Obama, Lizzo, Rihanna and Cardi B.

Smart Algae. Underwater Drones. An Internet for Mars. How Hypergiant Is Inventing for the Future.

It’s not easy to build the stuff for tomorrow when you also have to run a sustainable business today. Inside the crazy world of Hypergiant, an ambitious company that’s figuring it out.

Apple’s People Detection, accessibility, and the voice-first enterprise

Fundamental to this work is an effort to build alternative user interfaces: the GUI, MultiTouch, and, of course, Apple’s next big user interface innovation: VoiceOver.

AI Market Leaders Join Forces to Release ModzyTM, an AI Platform and Model Marketplace.

Modzy is an AI platform and marketplace with embedded security, adversarial defense, and governance to operationalize trusted AI for the enterprise.

AI Algorithms Are Slimming Down to Fit in Your Fridge

Last week researchers showed it is possible to squeeze a powerful AI vision algorithm onto a simple, low-power computer chip that can run for months on a battery.
The trick could help bring more advanced AI capabilities, like image and voice recognition, to home appliances and wearable devices,…

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