Is this idea plausible? If it is why isn’t it already being done? I don’t know how AI deeplearning actually works so maybe my question is naive or I’m missing some obvious detail.

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Hypothetical: A company like Nvidia takes the schematics of every CPU and GPU chip ever designed (Intel, AMD, NVIDIA, Qualcomm) in chronological order until it reaches the present day chips and feeds the designs to an AI or deep learning system and tells it to design the likely next chip in the sequence. Nvidia then takes that design as inspiration to develop the next generation of chips and manufactures it and lets say it turns out to work so NVIDIA takes that design and feeds it back into the machine and then tells it to do it again over and over again. Nvidia would be able to get 10 years of chip designs in 1. My question is why isn’t this already done?

Something similar exists. OpenAIs musenet which does the same thing I described above but with music. If an AI can already do this with music and with text and language then what’s preventing it from doing this with technology itself? Where do the applications end? Could this work with engines? batteries? Solar Panels etc….

The US gov’t has spent billions on the F-35, why don’t they make their next fighter jet using AI? A jet that doesn’t need a human pilot could be able to do things and maneuver in ways that no ordinary jet could so what’s the hold up? Why isn’t there a F-40 human-less fighter jet? Like whats the hold up?

Sorry if some of this sounds naive I’m just confused by why some of these ideas aren’t even being attempted. The military, by now, should have announced an automated AI powered tank and fighter jet and humvee. Makes no sense to me.

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