Is there anything like it on PC?

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Hey everyone,

There is an app on IOS and Android called Reface and it does deepfakes in seconds (no hours and hours of training) it does it on videos or user uploaded gifs.

I have had a blast playing with it and adding family members to tons of memes on gifs.

But I was wondering if there is anything similar for PC? (without that awful subscription model, without the 15 seconds limit on gifs, and without uploading everyone i know into a cloud)

Something that can just as easily (and as well) deepfake gifs (and hopefully vids) as well without having to do so many hours of training?

I have an rtx 2080 and an I9 processor, I tried deepfacelab and trained for like a week 12 hours a day and the results are still laughable (I am not a programer, but i tried to follow tutorials to the T).

Thanks everyone for your time and help, my idea is to do long Gifs and then reintroduce Audio and make tiny movie clips with family members as the stars as funny gifts to them these holidays 😁

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