Reface. How Do they Do it?

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Hi everyone, I am an AI enthusiast but I don’t know how to code so if you could explain it to me in layman’s terms it would be much appreciated.

There is an app on Android and IOS called Reface. That app takes your photo and deepfakes it on videos or gifs you upload in seconds…no hours and hours of training involved nor hundreds of face pics from different angles just a single photo.

And it looks super good! How do they do it? And is there no equivalent that can be made at home on a good pc with a good gpu?

I have had a blast putting family members in movie scenes on that app but would like to take it to the next level and put celebrities in family videos 😁 or maybe one day deepfake a whole movie with different family members! But so far I have found nothing even remotely close on PC that can do what that app does

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