Will I never be able to put my faith into anything again ?

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I’ve had a rough time in life cycling between denial – hope – denial – hope and my hope breaking almost everytime .

And yet again when I finally thought I found something I can hope for. It shattered.

I thought Transhumanism and singularity are guaranteed to happen because they are physically possible. But now it seems very unlikely …


1 if something is physically possible , does that necessarily mean it’s partially possible or probable ?

2 how do we know that as we progress further in research that we won’t run into finding that we have much more limitations than we initially thought ?

3 It’s not even certain that the things we want are physically possible or not and I’m talking about every Transhumanist goal that is seen as physically possible.

I honestly truly wanted to support this place but I’m unable to … The more I talk to experts. The more I find that what we want truly is really unlikely.

It hurts…. I’m afraid if I put my faith into something again now ….. I’ll just get back into this cycle but I don’t want to just live with this either…..

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