I made a Discord server for like-minded people interested in AI to meet and chat

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Hi everyone,

I made a Discord server for AI discussion. Currently it has 63 people, and so far there’s been some conversations starting around topics such as autonomous cars and chatbots.

There are threads for AI-related ethics, consciousness, philosophy, science, technology, and robotics, so a little something for everyone.

My server is also a very relaxed environment, so there are threads also to share AI memes, pics of your food, gaming, pets, art, and even a mental health thread so you can get things off your mind by hearing like-minded people and their stories.

If the server takes off there is potential to branch out from AI specifically to more about the singularity.

If you are interested, whether simply to lurk and learn, or share your knowledge, please do join. We need you.

Here are the server rules:

Welcome to the AI Embrace discord server! Just a few rules to keep the peace:

1. Don’t post gore or anything that may be considered NSFL.

2. Try to use channels for what they’re for, memes go in #memes, etc.

3. Respect each other, friendly trolling is fine but know the limit.

4. Don’t ask for roles… they will be assigned as seen fit or based on duration in the server.

5. Leading on from #3, no racism, no homophobic behaviour, etc etc.

6. Don’t post other’s personal information.

7. Don’t spam, posting a message more than 2-3 times is considered spam.

8. Obligatory – be an AI lover

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