How to Use Instagram Reels for Business to Market Your Brand

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I think, no brands are left out to show up on Instagram especially in 2020. And if you are still not on Instagram you’re at a snail’s pace and missing billions of potential eyeballs without being on Instagram.

As stated by Hootsuite, 200 million Instagram users visit at least one business profile daily. Hence, Instagram is unquestionably one of the superior social media platforms currently for businesses to market their brand.

Instagram helps brands to accelerate sales, grab potential customers, and build relationships. Because of this reason businesses need to take advantage of every new feature disclosed by the platform.

The latest peculiarity released by Instagram is INSTAGRAM REELS.

In this article, you will explore what is Instagram reels, how you can create and manage Instagram reels, and how to use Instagram reels to market your brand. Let’s dive in to discover why Instagram reels are worth investing in.

What is Instagram Reels?

Instagram announced its new feature — Reels in August 2020. Reels are the way to create and explore short, amusing videos on Instagram. One can share reels videos to their friends or anyone on Instagram.

Record and edit 15-seconds or 30-seconds video clips with audio, effects, timer. The video can be recorded directly from the Instagram camera or can be chosen from the camera roll of your cell phone.

You can even control the speed of the Instagram reels video, give effects, add your favorite music, and set the timer. Reel videos can be recorded in one take or series of takes linked together.

You can upload Instagram reel videos to your feed or add it to your Instagram stories. Instagram also has an ‘Explore’ page where you can see reel videos of your interests and engage with the profile more.

Hence, Instagram reel videos can prove to be an engaging technique for your business brand and enlarge your social media growth.

Now, you have probably been pondering, how to create and handle Instagram reel videos. I have included it in the next segment of the article.

How to Create an Instagram Reel?

Before starting to make an Instagram Reel, make sure your app is up to date. Next,

1. Click the camera icon or Add to your story

2. Slide the bottom bar to the right till you find the Reels option

3. Change the required settings of creating Instagram Reels video. You will find the options on the left-hand side of your screen

Length — Choose the length of your Reels video, 15 seconds, or 30 seconds.

Audio — Select your favorite music from your device or search from the music library.

Speed — Set the capture speed of your Reels video. It can be a maximum of 3x to a minimum of .3x.

Effects — Add special effects and filters for your Reels video.

Timer — Set the length of each clip for the Reels video.

4. Click the middle button to start capturing.

An Instagram Reels video can be a single clip or amalgamation of multiple clips. Each time you click the middle button, it will start a new clip of the length set in the timer. You can stop capturing by clicking the middle button again.

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When you have various clips, Reels will give you an alternative to delete, cut, or move them in order.


● If you record original audio or talk to the camera, make your Reels video public, this allows other people to download and use the audio in their Reels. If your account is private, no one can use the original audio you record.

Pro Tip:

● To change from front camera to back camera, or visa-versa, just double tap on the screen.

How to Share an Instagram Reel?

Once you have created the Reel video, it’s time to share it. You can share the Reels video in your feed, story, or in the Explore tab.

When you are done with creating a Reels video, switch to the share page. The share screen can allow saving the Reel video as a draft, tagging friends, adding caption and hashtags, and change the cover image. After you share your Reel, it will appear on a separate Reel tab on your profile. And if you share the Reel on your feed, it will also appear on your profile grid.

Public Account: If you have a public account, your Reels video will show up on the Explore tab where other people from Instagram can see it. You can post the Reels video on your feed and your followers can see it. When you feature Reels video with hashtag, audio, or effects, it will also appear on the particular page when people click on that hashtag, audio, or effect.

Private Account: When you share your Reel video to a private account, it will not show up to the people who do not follow you. People will not be able to use original audio from your Reel and cannot share with others who do not follow you.

Whether you have a private account or a public account, you can share your Reels video to the story, close friends, or direct message. By doing so, your Reels video will not appear on the Explore tab and will behave like a regular Story.

How can you search for Instagram Reels to watch?

Checkout your Explore page to find Reels to watch. The explore page has a separate section of Reels on Instagram. Click the first reel and then scroll down for more videos.

Tap on the screen to mute and unmute the Reel video. Double-tap to like the video. You can like, comment, share and save the Reel video. You can see Reels with the “Featured” label. These Reels are the one that is chosen by Instagram that has original content and hope that will entertain the audience.

Pro Tip:

● If you click on the music track featured, you will be redirected to that particular audio page where you will find all the Reels that use that audio track. It also has a “Use audio” button, by clicking on which you can create your own Reel video using that audio track.

What are the Benefits of Instagram Reels?

Reels are the most trending feature on Instagram nowadays. The Reels tab on Instagram explore page, helps people to swipe through and watch. Your Reel videos are shown to customers whose interests match your content. In this way, the visibility of your Reel videos become high and grab the potential customers to follow you.

For example, if you have been watching and liking Reel videos related to fashion and styling, you will start seeing Reel videos relevant to fashion and styling on your Explore page.

You can create a Reel video right from the Instagram app itself. No extra app or equipment needed. You can make use of effects and filters and make a simple Reel video into a fabulous one.

Many brands use Reels and started targeting the new customer base. On top of all, Instagram is promoting Reels video more, showing them on the newsfeed, explore page, and even creating dedicated pages where people can scroll up.

Being an online store merchant, you need to start creating Instagram Reel videos straight away. With the built-in features like speed, filters, effects, and audio you can create an amusing Reel video in the blink of an eye!

How to Use Instagram Reels for Business to Market Your Brand?

When Instagram was launched and till today it has surpassed daily users very rapidly is now an effective tool for brands to expand their audience. In that light, brands should catch the opportunity and be the first creators of Instagram Reels and absorb a new kind of audience.

Moreover, Reels stay on the Explore page. Statistics by Omnicore Agency says Instagram’s Explore page is viewed by 200 million accounts daily. This portrays if your Reel is on the Explore page you have a tremendous chance to brand your products to a large customer base.

Big players like Louis Vuitton, Sephora France, Red Bull France have already started using the Instagram Reel feature from the very first day. If you’re on Instagram then why not pitch into Reels? If your brand is still at the back to appear on Instagram, grab the Shoppable Instagram Extension for Magento 2 now.

Here are the five ways you can use Reels video as a social media marketing of your brand.

5. Product Guidelines

Show shoppers the various ways to use your product through a Reel. Such videos help customers to know different ways to use a product and also make them buy if they are interested. Product how-tos create a wonderful engagement of a new audience.

6. Share Educational Content

Creating educational content is a great way to start on Reels. A fashion brand can create styling a dupatta in 5 ways, or a cooking channel can share a quick recipe of 10 minutes and so on. There are so many ways to make learning a new skill for the Instagram audience.

7. Demonstrate Products

As the Reel videos are shown up on the Explore page, which means people who do not follow you can see you — it’s a jackpot!

Use hashtags and descriptive text to let Instagram know what you are talking about. Besides this, you can collaborate with Instagram influencers to showcase your products.

8. Behind the scenes stories

Share who you are and how you started through behind the scenes Reel video. This builds the trust of the audience. You can share the making of the products, the daily routine of your team members, your brand story — how you started, and what you went through. Share a random, fun Reel video of your team.

9. Reveal your sales

How about showing your deals and offers through Instagram Reel video? This will help to gain a lot of engagement from Instagram users.

Bonus Tip:

Stay real and do not turn your Reels into just advertising. Maintain authenticity and share original fun videos rather than focusing on advertising your products.

Are you ready to try Instagram Reels?

Thus, looking at the perks of Instagram, it’s worth giving a shot! Better not waste your time and start with Instagram Reel. It will give a new way to create interesting content, know your followers, and enhance your reach on Instagram.

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