Question: Would it be ethical for me to submit an assignment I made an AI do?

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So, I get homework. A ton of it for subjects I’m not particularly fond of. I finetuned a pretrained Language model to do these kinds of assignments for me and it seems to be scoring in the 70%+, better than I would score. Note that there is a fixed curve so the 70% translates to a very good score, better than I could score myself.

I did not submit the AI done assignments for any of my major submissions, just a couple small ones in between which have no impact on my grade. I wanted to see how it would do.

Now there is a major assignment coming up and I am contemplating if I should just have my model do it for me. I know there is no way Turnitin can catch me since the model seems to be generating original text and I do run a preliminary check then make the edits myself to remove the little copying of a couple of sentences that occasionally sneaks in.


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