AI is already creating a world of media that bypasses our rational thinking

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It is increasingly obvious, especially in light of this weekend’s debate with Kelly Loefler that AI is being used in ways to bypass rational thought. All during her responses, she kept repeating phrases that made little or no sense in context with the questions being asked. This was intentional, IMO. This created a “foundation” of her speech text that will then be used (by the same AI that created the text) to recognize and elevate her words to searches and attach to other media stories and headlines.

I believe we are entering a time that we will not be able to defend from AI generated headlines and stories that are designed in every way to cause us to click, react, or buy a certain way. AI assisted advertising is going to be more effective than traditional ad creation, because it will be based on databases showing the best and most efficient way to bypass critical thinking in favor of a desired result. These “super ads” will be used in ways we can’t possibly imagine. Same with political ads, speeches, and other media designed only to manipulate on a grand scale not ever seen before.

Not since the invention of religion has there ever been a bigger threat to the general population in terms of brainwashing and brain manipulation than AI assisted media. We don’t have any way to defend from it, nor can we – for studies have also shown that in some circumstances we will still do what was intended even tho we know it goes against our rational best interests. Similar to what McDonalds did long ago with their recipes which are designed to create addictive responses, media will be created that might not even make rational sense at all, filled with keywords and phrases that we don’t even consciously register that are actually bypassing our rational defenses and thought and going straight to our unconscious. And AI will get better and better at doing just that. And it will adjust when we catch on to the game by using tech designed to alert us to that manipulation, realigning it’s own algorithms to be even more insidious, if that is the intent.

In essence, AI generated/assisted media marketing is going to be eventually more powerful than religion in terms of bypassing rational thought, creating in-groups vs. out-groups, and doing unthinkable damage to society – which is already happening, actually. We just don’t know how much. And I suspect the amount is much greater already than we want to believe. Cambridge Analytica is a prime example, but there are many more. The tech world has finally discovered the ultimate control over human behavior – our own minds, studied and collated, with that knowledge used against us in the most efficient way possible.

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